Tour de Fleece 2016 - Small Successes

I’m terrible at committing myself to anything with a deadline that is meant to be recreational. Knit-alongs, Stash Dash, Ravellenic Games, Tour de Fleece, whatever. Working on something I love alongside other people who share that same passion seems like a great idea. But the second I commit to it, it turns into a chore. Now I have to do it by a certain date, or else. I’m the least competitive person in the world, which doesn’t help. As soon as something gets competitive, my eyes glaze over. I’m the worst person to play board games with.

I tried recently to participate in the Cookie Jar KAL, held by the hosts of the Pinfeathers and Purls and The Fawn Knits podcasts, where all I had to do was to knit a pair of socks by Cookie A. I had a good start with my No-Purl Monkey Socks in Hedgehog Fibres Sock in the Genie colorway. I was excited, I was motived, I was determined. For about two days. Then I was all, “I have to finish TWO WHOLE SOCKS in a MONTH? Is this a JOKE?” Never mind that I finish socks in that time frame all the time. This voluntary KAL turned into a chore thrust upon me against my will. I got belligerent.

“Oh, this KAL is going to force me to knit socks? When actually what I want to be doing is knitting OTHER socks? Who do they think they are?”

Needless to say, that deadline has passed and those socks are no more done than they were pre-temper tantrum.

2016-06-04 10.03.17.jpg

So no one was more surprised than me when I met my Tour de Fleece goal. Albeit, one day late, but that still feels like it counts, especially since I wasn’t officially participating.

I was smart this time. I didn’t announce that I was doing it. I didn’t even really plan it. It just so happened that the day the Tour started, I got a package in the mail from Hobbledehoy (battlings in the Crater Lake colorway) and my favorite spindle (from Tina's Angoras) was free.

I wondered if I could spin and ply this 2 ounce package of battlings during the Tour, just to see if I could. It seemed like I should be able to. 2 ounces is NOT a big commitment, though spare time is hard to come by these days.

2016-07-03 19.30.30-2.jpg

And at only one day late, those battlings (which ended up being over 2 ounces, thank you very much) were spun and plied!

Great success!