Partners for Single Socks

I'm on maternity leave this summer, and my goals are three-fold: keep my kid alive, knit pairs for all of my single sock WIPs, and participate in the Tour de Fleece. The last two are easier said than done because as you can imagine the first goal is a big one.

(but a cute one)

(but a cute one)

Plus, as I've mentioned before, I'm not great with crafting commitments. 

I'll talk about the Tour in a different post, but the second sock goal makes sense for a lot of reasons.

  • The Grocery Girls hold a "Second Sock of Summer KAL," so there's camaraderie in finishing up the pairs. 
  • Taking care of a baby, while it's my favorite thing I've ever done, is HARD. It's nice to be able to say, "hey look, I knit a whole pair of socks AND my kid gained two pounds." Tangibility and all that.
  • My big knitting goal for 2018 was to finish all of my WIPs (again, progress report in a later post), so finishing all of my sock WIPs fits in with that.
  • If I didn't make a point to spend three months knitting second socks, they would quite literally never happen. By the time I finish the first sock, I'm bored and ready to move on to a new sock with new yarn. At last count, if I knit a pair of socks every month, I would have enough sock yarn in my stash to last me five years. So I have a lot tempting me. By spending the summer finishing off pairs, I can spend the rest of the year knitting all of the first socks that I want!

I started the summer with this lineup of single socks in need of partners:

I'm not counting the unfinished sock on the top.

I'm not counting the unfinished sock on the top.

My plan was to finish one sock a week, but we all know how that goes. Instead, it's mid-July and I only have (almost) three done. 

The first was out of self-striping yarn from Scrumptious Purl, in the colorway "Cake for Breakfast." When I pulled this one out I was actually surprised that I didn't finish the full pair when I started it *cough* last fall */cough*. I REALLY love these colors together, so much so that I'm planning on knitting a shawl with these same colors in 2019, once my year of WIPs is over. I knit the first sock on a trip to New Hampshire with my husband for our anniversary. I just found out I was pregnant, and pretty soon after I finished this sock, knitting started to make me nauseous. Being pregnant is a blast. 

The second finished pair is from Hedgehog Fibers on the Twist Sock base in the colorway "Wild Thing," which was a club color from a few years back. Twist Sock is a BFL/nylon blend, and I love knitting with it. I knit the first sock this February. Another 2018 knitting goal I had was to knit a pair of socks a month. This lasted until... February. Nailed it.

And finally, I'm planning on finishing this pair later today, since I only have the toe left, though I probably just jinxed myself. This is my own hand-dyed yarn in the colorway "Midnight" on my Crayon base, which is a multi-colored tweed. The toe is "Coral" on Ballpoint Sock, my 80/20 sock blend. I couldn't even begin to guess when I knit the first one. 

With Pointed Sticks Yarn socks.JPG

Six socks and seven weeks left. Sounds doable, but given the fact that I've only knit three in six weeks, probably not likely. I'm fine with this though because I have a happy baby, a dog who is only slightly neglected since the baby came home, a husband I still have time to talk to on occasion, and a house that is a contained disaster rather than a straight up dumpster fire. Anything else is a bonus :)