With Pointed Sticks Hand Dyed Yarn - Color to Write Home About

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I started knitting when I was 13 years old, when my grandparents gave me a Teach-Yourself-to-Knit kit for my birthday. I started in right away, and promptly got frustrated, threw the plastic needles and acrylic yarn at the wall, and didn't return to the craft for another four years.

Once I started up again, purely on a whim, I never put my needles back down (I also never threw them at any walls again, but I can't promise that will NEVER happen, because come on. Who can make that kind of promise?). 

My interest in dyeing yarn also began on a whim. I found a pack of Wilton's cake dyes on sale and decided to try my hand at dyeing. A few skeins in, I was hooked, and invested in professional grade acid dyes and quality yarn bases.

My current focus is on low-immersion dyeing, and variegated and semi-solid tonal colors. I'm currently unable to accept custom orders.